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CFM Technologies
GM TBI Power Plates

CFM Technologies GM TBI Power Plates

Our CFM Technologies patented #D416618 GM TBI Power Plates. Expect noticable gains in horsepower on 5.0/ 5.7L TBI engines. Expect even more on modified engines.  Our patented design enables each cylinder to draw air and fuel from both throttle  bores. The result is much more air flow and equalized fuel distribution.

NOTE: The stock TBI engine and all of the TBI spacers only allow each cylinder to draw air/ fuel from one throttle bore.

High Flow Throttle Blades

Vortec Throttle Blades:
Overly restrictive original (left);
High flow blade with restriction eliminated (right).

Notice in the picture above that the stock throttle blade has a large airflow restricting piece that is riveted to it. This "restrictor" was designed to close off one side of the throttle bore during low throttle input. This way, when low throttle input was used, low power output is produced. Past approx 1/4 throttle angle the deflector side of the throttle body will start allowing air thru. Our High Flow Throttle Blade for the '96+ Vortec 4.3 / 5.0 /5.7L engines is shown on the right. What a difference! Much more air off idle and way more air at WOT!!!

Part #  Description Price
TBL-430 '96+ Vortec 4.3L High Flow Throttle Blade $39.95

'96+ Vortec 5.0/5.7L High Flow Throttle Blade


***NOTE: These blades are not for the newer LS1 derived Vortec 4.8/5.3/6.0L engines***