Preparation of the High Flow Throttle Bodies is a multi-step process that includes: boring, custom fit CAD designed throttle blades, reducing shaft profile, installing button head screws, milling topside and tumble polishing.  By increasing air flow up to 15 %, our throttle bodies improve low-end and mid-range power.  This increase is immediately noticeable to the driver.  We experience up to a 0.2 second improvement in 1/8 mile E.T.'s. 

Note: If we don't offer a throttle body for your application, you may send us your core to be modified and returned to you at the quoted price.

We use the ANSU Fuel Injector Service Center. Providing Ultrasonic cleaning and flow evaluation. Also checking resistance, and leak testing. TBI Injectors matched within 1%, $79.90 per pair. Port injectors cleaned and flow tested, $24.95 each.


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